Is your existing system performing as well as it
could be?

Can you monitor under performing panels? Is your existing inverter out of warranty? Do you have shading issues?

Upgrade your system to the very latest technology from SolarEdge and increase your energy production and income from the FIT scheme by having power optimisers fitted to each of your panels to maximise their production.

This shows a typical solar panel system after 5 years with some panels under performing that need to be replaced under the panel performance guarantee, which would have gone unnoticed with a normal inverter.


Why Upgrade your Solar Panel System?

Technology in the Solar market has improved dramatically over the last few years and it is now possible to retrofit the latest technology to older solar pv systems in order to maximise their production. Older systems rely on traditional string inverters which only operate at the level of the lowest producing panel, meaning the system owner is missing out on the maximum output their system could generate if each panel was fitted with optimisers enabling them to operate at their peak output.


SolarEdge Inverter Warranty

The SolarEdge inverter comes with a standard 12 year warranty which can be extended to 20 or even 25 years, thereby covering the remaining period of the FIT scheme. The optimisers fitted to each panel are guaranteed for 25 years as standard. Most traditional inverters come with a 5 year warranty with the option to extend to 10 years.


SolarEdge Monitoring

Upgrade to SolarEdge and you will have lifetime access to their monitoring portal which allows you to see the production of your system in real time, not just as a whole unit but right down to each individual panel. Without this system you would never know if one panel is dragging the whole of your system down to its level. With remote monitoring we also monitor your system’s performance and are alerted to any problems immediately.


Safe Solar

SolarEdge is the only system that reduces the DC voltage from the panel system on your roof to a safe voltage once the AC is shut down. You can feel safe in the knowledge that in the event of a fire or power cut, your system will safely shut down.


Battery Ready

You are future proofing your system by installing SolarEdge as it allows you to add the very latest batteries from either Tesla or LG either now or in the future to store your excess energy and use it when you need it most.


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