Ground Mounted Systems

Where no roof space is available for a Solar PV system, or your roof is not suitable, and have room in your garden or land we can install a ground mounted system to accommodate any size of solar system. We have a range of ground mounted equipment available ranging from the traditional fixed frame system set on a concrete base to the adjustable ‘Cornish Rocker’ system that can be mounted on railway sleepers or in concrete.


Fixed Frame Systems

These tend to be slightly cheaper as being fixed there are less components involved. They are normally fixed to a concrete base although in less windy locations can be installed on railway sleepers.
A typical fixed frame ground mounted system will be fixed at 30-35 degrees so it will not produce as much energy as an adjustable system that can be altered in accordance with the seasons. They can only be fitted in portrait so you have limited options when considering a fixed frame.


The ‘Cornish Rocker’

We have worked with the proprietor of the Cornish Rocker, Chris Searle, for many years now and have numerous very happy customers that generate more energy than most people with a fixed frame system or even traditional roof system because they are able to adjust the angle of the panels. As part of the installation and customer service, those customers opting for the Cornish Rocker receive an email four times a year advising them what angle to adjust the rocker to in order to maximise their production.

For example by adjusting the angle of the frame to 20 degrees during the winter months, it is possible to improve the output of energy by up to 40% over a traditional fixed frame system. This is due to the fact that during the winter, the sun reaches a maximum angle of 20 degrees off the ground.
Being flexible, the ‘Cornish Rocker’ can be installed in portrait or landscape and can have a single row of panels or up to 3 rows of panels if in landscape format. The design will be down to the location of the panels and the surroundings.


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