Mr & Mrs Whyte, Woodbury, Exeter - Jan 2017

The problem

Mr & Mrs Whyte had been considering solar panels for some time in order to reduce their energy bills. They had seen several companies offering a variety of panels and knew that they wanted the best panels available with the ability to see what their system was producing in real time plus the ability to add batteries at some point in the future.

The solution

We recommended the latest German all black mono-crystalline solar pv panels from SolarWorld as having been to their factory in Freiberg we had seen first hand the quality and attention to detail that SolarWorld put into the making of their panels. In addition we recommended the SolarEdge inverter system which allows each panel to be optimised individually thereby enabling it to cope better with shading and soiling issues as no individual panel reduces the performance of the other panels, as they would do in a traditional solar pv set up. This also enables the customers to see the production of their system (and each panel) in real time via their smart phone, tablet or PC at any time to ensure they are always using their renewable energy whilst being ‘future proofed’ as batteries can be added at any point in the future. And finally to ensure that they reduced their heating costs as well we recommended a Solar iBoost to divert any surplus energy to the immersion element of their hot water tank to heat their hot water for nothing.

Mr & Mrs Whyte had their panels fitted in November 2015 but wrote to us in January 2017 with the following update;

We had PV panels fitted at the end of November 2015.
I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the entire system.
Our meter reading yesterday for a total of 420 days of generation was 4464. We have received a rebate of £104 from EDF, as well as, so far, £595 feed-in and export payments. Our electricity payments have also reduced. We also chose to have the Solar iBoost fitted and the reduction in our use of oil for heating water is also pleasing! We have just had a smart meter fitted which clearly states how much we are exporting ( higher than that estimated by EDF).
I estimate that so far we have a return of over 9.8% on our investment which can’t be bad!
Best wishes for the future success of your company.

-Mr & Mrs Whyte
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